Sifu Peggy is a passionate Tai Chi instructor ready to share her expertise with all her Tai Chi students in Airdrie.

Yang Tai Chi Chuan
"The Power of Soft And The Wisdom of Slow"

Welcome to Plum Blosson Tai Chi in Airdrie, Alberta.

We are an authentic, traditional Yang Tai Chi studio. We are under the direction of Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong, Founder and President of the Plum Blossom Federation in San Francisco CA, which has over 300 affiliate schools worldwide.

What makes us different from other schools is our personalized instruction, and our warm and welcoming family atmosphere. This means that you’ll safely and effectively achieve your goals, while working with a skilled, dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic instructor. Tai Chi is well known to relieve stress and improve overall health with consistent training and we invite everyone to join us, no matter what age you are.

At Plum Blossom Tai Chi Airdrie, we offer high quality personal training. We instil the core values and traditional Yang Tai Chi Essentials, handed down from teacher to student for generations. We are dedicated to teaching the most complete system of Tai Chi in a fun, positive, and safe environment, so that you can reach your full potential and become a master of your own path.

Plum Blossom Tai Chi beginner classes in Airdrie, Alberta.
Beginners' Class

First Time Drop-In Fee only $15

Tai Chi helps improve health for any age group
Tai Chi is for all ages.

Many health benefits

Sifu Peggy's Approach To Teaching Tai Chi classes

An enjoyable way to improve your stamina and health

  • Individual or small group classes to allow for one-on-one personalized instruction to accommodate all levels and abilities.
  • Everyone trains at their own pace - no pressure of feeling the need to "keep up or compete with the group" .
  • Dynamic, fun and interactive - QiGong warm-up exercises that will engage and integrate body and mind.
  • Specialized in helping those that are rehabilitating from motor vehicle accidents, PTSD and other disabilities, with personalized goals and modified training where needed.

Whether you are new to Tai Chi or have been training for years, Plum Blossom Tai Chi has the programme that is right for you. Our unique combination of Qi Gong and Tai Chi Hand Forms, Tai Chi Weapon Forms, and Push Hand Practice creates a complete, well rounded training experience. Sifu (Teacher) Peggy looks forward to seeing you!

If you are ready to start your journey to better health, call/text (587-999-3694) or email us at today!

Tai Chi instructor leads students at Plum Blossom Tai Chi school in Airdrie, Alberta.


Plum Blossom Airdrie with Sifu Peggy is a wonderful experience. I took a community Tai Chi class 20+ years ago and truly enjoyed it. I have not been able to find a program that worked with my schedule since... until last fall. I went to one of Plum Blossom's intro classes and then went home and convinced my husband to join me. Sifu Peggy offers small group training. This was very appealing for us. In addition, I have personally experienced greater balance, both physically and emotionally. Muscle tone and depth of breath has also improved, all in just 4 months. Sifu Peggy' s experience and passion show at every session and her patience is unending. You are supported to progress at your own pace while learning proper form and function. Both my husband and I look forward to the improvements we will see as we continue our Tai Chi journey.
Lori & Brad