From beginner to intermediate and beyond, Tai Chi classes at Plum Blossom Tai Chi in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada, are a great way to improve your health and well-being.

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Who We Are

The title "Sifu" can be translated as "teacher" or "instructor". Sifu Peggy has been involved in Chinese martial arts for over 50 years. Her Martial Arts training started at the age of 9, under the direction of her father, a well- known and respected figure in the Chinese Martial Arts community, Paatje Richard Kudding Sr, who was then the founder and Head Instructor of the Flying Dragon Institute. Click here to read more about Patje Richard Kudding.

Plum Blossom Tai Chi beginner classes in Airdrie, Alberta.
Tai Chi helps improve health for any age group
Tai Chi helps improve health for any age group
About Plum Blosson Tai Chi in Airdrie, Alberta.

Sifu Peggy has been teaching for over 40 years, teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes at various Community Centers and also facilitating After School Kung Fu classes at various elementary schools. In 2010 she realized her dream of opening her own Plum Blossom Martial Arts affiliate school in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She successfully ran the facility for seven years before selling the school and moving to Airdrie in order to be closer to family. She once more opened a Plum Blossom Tai Chi affiliate school in her Airdrie location, with a focus of overseeing the continued growth of the students that attend her small-sized and quality-instruction driven classes. She is always planning, developing and improving the programme curriculum content, while continuing her own earnest study of the Yang Tai Chi and Choy Li Fut Kung Fu system under the direction of Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong,

Sifu Peggy continues to enjoy facilitating the many requests from communities and abroad, for her popular interactive and fun Tai Chi and Women's Self Defense workshops and seminars. Numerous businesses, social organizations, retirement facilities and middle/high schools have begun implementing Tai Chi as part of healthy, self- care for their staff in-service and retreats. She leads by example, and has shown numerous groups of people that you can start exercise at any age, and you should view this as a investment in your health!

Sifu Peggy's Martial Arts Training

An ardent student of Kung Fu

After her father moved to Alberta in the early 1980's, Sifu Peggy wanted to pursue her studies in traditional Kung Fu. She became a student under Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong, President and Founder of the Plum Blossom Federation in San Francisco, CA.

Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong is well known around the world for his teachings in Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. There are currently more than 300 schools under the Plum Blossom Federation umbrella in 39 countries across the globe.

Grand Master Doc-Fai Wong, founder of the Plum Blossom Federation based in San Francisco.


I joined Plum Blossom Tai Chi (Airdrie) in 2021. I had always wanted to try Tai Chi as I had heard that it helps with relieving stress, improving mobility as well as overall physical health. Sifu (Instructor) Peggy is a wonderful teacher, she is patient and encouraging, and she has many decades of experience and knowledge. I have had the opportunity to train with her in both private and group class settings; both offer great value. I have seen the benefits of practicing Tai Chi on my own personal health and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try it out. I truly enjoy learning Yang Style Tai Chi and I look forward to learning from Sifu Peggy for many more years to come.
Liz M.